How it works

Thanks to the sophisticated ecosystem and the Déjà vu tool, the platform is suited for experienced, passive or even beginner traders.

Dive deeper into platform

  • Set up automatic buy/sell alerts and get notified immediately.
  • Create your own customized analysis.
  • Create your own patterns.
  • Then simply sell it on our market and help other traders.


The core app, where a user can customize different views of the market. The instant Déjà vu will be the default one.
From views notes can be created as a saved searches and then combined or modified to provide the wanted market forecasts (analysis).
From notes one can define alerts that will alarm as soon as the opportunity will occur. It is the application of the notes know how.
It is a place where alerts can be sold and purchased, so that active users can earn more and passive clients save time and buy alert instantly.
Here You can train your skills a play games with the past. We will send you somewhere to the past and you will train your analytic skills or play the game with time.
Last but not least there is a community app. Place where active users discuss and share their notes to inspire each other and passive users go for advice.